I retired recently from NFC and used to have difficulty in vision due to cataracts. Dr Charuta is very skilled and performed my left eye surgery. I’m extremely satisfied with her work. I pray she continues to give light to many others.
Cataract Pateint
I’m Naveen from Karnataka. I had -12 Diopters myopia and Retina problem also. I came to Dr Charuta, she has done ICL surgery and now I can see without glasses! Thanks to Dr Charuta for the best treatment.
High Myopia and Retinal Hole
I’m a Businessman who travels very often. Night driving was very difficult for me. My whole hearted thanks to Dr Charuta for doing cataract surgery. Surgery was perfectly done, there was no pain and I was out of the operating room in 20 minutes. Now I can drive without any problems even at night.

Cataract Patient