Cataract (including lens)-MICS with unifocal lens

Cataract (including lens)-MICS with unifocal lens

In Cataract Surgery, Cataract is treated by surgically removing the cataract and implanting an artificial replacement called an intraocular lens (IOL).

Micro Incision Cataract Surgery

Microincision cataract surgery (MICS) is an approach to cataract surgery through incision less than 1.8 mm with the purpose of reducing surgical invasiveness, improving at the same time surgical outcomes. MICS has been demonstrated to be minimally traumatic surgery, providing better postoperative outcomes than standard small incision phacoemulsification.

A monofocal IOL is an intraocular lens with a fixed focus for one distance. A cataract doctor may select monofocal IOLs that are for near focus, for mid-distance focus, or for distant focus. 

Why is it done?

To treat cataracts which cause cloudy, blurry, or misty vision.

Pre-operative measures

All the patients undergoing cataract surgery are asked to get their blood sugar levels checked .

The patient is instructed to start using the pre-operative medicines 1 to 2 days prior to surgery.

Patient must have light breakfast in the morning.

Patient should take a head bath in the morning of the day of surgery or a night before.

Inform the doctor 3 days prior to the surgery, if you are using insulin, blood thinners or any other medicines or have any pacemakers.

How MICS is performed:

It is a 20 to 30 minutes procedure which is performed under local anesthesia or using anesthetic eye drops. 

A tiny cut is made in your cornea through which your opaque lens is removed. 

The removal of the lens is usually through a method called phacoemulsification (Ultrasound is used to break the cataract). 

The cataract is then removed with suction (Aspiration).

This is then replaced by an intra-ocular (artificial) lens.

Post-operative measures

It is advised to wear protective glasses even at night and in bed for the first 3 days after surgery to prevent accidental rubbing of the eye. 

Consult the doctor immediately, if any increase in redness or pain or sudden decrease in vision as this may be a sign of serious infection in the eye. 

Do not rub or put pressure on the eye and protect the eye from injury. 

Use the eye drops as per the prescription and to open the eye drop bottle never use a pin / needle  instead use the screw on the cap tight to open it. 

For one week put on the dark glasses. Avoid touching the eye and sleeping on the operated side for 2 days. 

Avoid strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects for one week and avoid getting dust or sweat in your eyes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

  • When can i start reading?

As soon as you feel comfortable you can start reading.

  • Do I require glasses after the surgery?

Glasses are prescribed about 2 -3 weeks after cataract surgery. Typically, monofocal lenses mandate use of glasses for reading or near work but give clear vision for distance. Multifocal lenses offer freedom from glasses for most activities , but cause some reduction in contrast- discuss with your doctor which lens is best for you (Monofocal/Toric/Multifocal)

  • Can I wash my face/shower?

Do not wash your face for 7 days and do not splash water directly in eye for a month.

  • Can I wear make-up or use hair color?

Avoid make-up and hair dye for a month.

  • When can I get back to work?

You can get back to work 3 days after surgery. Its best to rest for a week or so